Serene Homestay

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Best Places to visit near Serene Home Stay

Badami Temple


10.8KM away from Serene Homestay
its a great experience walking through the red sandstone hills with beautiful carvings in the caves.

Pattadakal Serene Homestay


15.4KM away from Serene Homestay
The beautiful ensemble of Chalukya Temples, part of the Group of Monuments at Pattadakal

Aihole home stay


24.9KM away from Serene Homestay
Aihole is a tranquil village on the banks of Malaprabha River. Hundreds of temples pepper the villages and fields nearby.

Banashankari Temple

Banashankari Temple

4.5KM away from Serene Homestay
The Banashankari Devi Temple Badami is enclosed by a high wall on all sides. There is a square water tank at the forefront of the temple at the entrance.

Shivayogi Mandir

Shivayogi Mandir

6KM away from Serene Homestay
Shivayoga Mandira is located on the banks of Malaprabha river near Badami. A place with spiritual importance, the Shivayoga Mandir trains & educates the Veerashaiva.

Mahakuteshwara Temple

Mahakuteshwara Temple

10KM away from Serene Homestay
The Mahakuta temple is located in Mahakuta, a village in the Bagalkot district. It is an important place of worship for Hindus and the location of Shaiva monastery.